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Media Transcoding Services  

Introducing Suprnova.
20x faster & 10x cheaper than traditional transcoding.
Reach out to us to find our more about Suprnova, our new distributed transcoding solution and  best in class traditional solutions for your business.


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Our Advantage

Today’s transcoding tasks are prohibitively expensive for most independent production studios and far too confusing for most non-technical users. The current transcoding market is comprised of several different kinds of providers:

  • expensive SaaS platforms

  • a dedicated cabal of expensive and cyclical transcoding hardware boxes

  • a few major tech firms that run encoding farms as a cost center.

Suprnova is a distributed video transcoding network which leverages the power of everyday consumer computing hardware to drastically improve processing speeds and ease the adoption of new codec technologies.



Easy to use UWP Application where users can start an encode or participate in an existing transcode

  • Enables much quicker encodes for difficult media (4K/HDR, VR, etc) vs. encoding on a single server

  • Decodes AVC frames contained in an MP4/MOV container.

  • Encodes h.264


Coming Soon

Support for additional media codecs such as AV1

  • Rewards for participating in a transcode

  • DIstributed live streaming support

  • Ambisonic Audio support




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