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Augmented Reality
+ Holograms  

Create engaging and interactive Augmented Reality experiences for your audience using Microsoft Holographic Capture technology. Build custom applications or integrate holograms directly into your existing app for devices that are compatible with iOS ARKit and android ARCore SDKs.


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Our Advantage

In partnership with Microsoft, Littlstar has taken Holographic Capture technology and scaled it down to fit on your phone in Augmented Reality. With this revolutionary tool users are able to dance, fight, and play with realistic captures of their favorite celebrities and characters. Littlstar's tools also provide support for non-holographic 3D models and visual effects.


Holographic capture consulting

Work with our team of holographic capture experts to produce high-quality and accurate captures of your talent.


Custom AR applications

Develop custom branded applications using holographic captures and traditional 3D models.


Case Study


WWE Wrestlemania 34 AR Campaign


WWE AR Camera

featuring title fighters AJ Styles +

Shinsuke Nakamura




Developed + Executed Wrestlemania AR Campagin
Launched through Littlstar mobile app leading up to Wrestlemania 34.


Fans can place Holograms in their environment. They can fight, dance, taunt, or pose with their favorite wrestlers + share with friends.




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