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Who are we?

Littlstar is a global technology company building next-generation distribution solutions for media creators and consumers.


Hello ARA

ARA is a blockchain data-management solution that powers Littlstar applications, and is open to the public for community use. By removing middle-men, reducing hosting costs, and rewarding consumers, our goal is to help creators around the globe maximize the value of their work. 
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In an effort to further empower creators and consumers within the content community, Littlstar has developed a suite of protocols for media distribution and rewards on the decentralized web.

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Littlstar believes in empowering the next generation of creators to distribute content on their own terms. We maintain a suite of direct-to-consumer apps for distributing the latest in immersive digital media, with new decentralized content distribution tools coming in the fall.


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From VR to AR and beyond, Our tools & SDKs allow businesses and developers to build support for the latest in emerging content technology.


Use Cases:
WWE AR camera on Littlstar mobile apps to promote Wrestlemania 34


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We work with the biggest names in media to craft user-friendly applications for emerging tech. From decentralized distribution, VR, AR, and blockchain technologies - Littlstar specializes in helping the best in the world stay at the forefront of content delivery.



Content Creator? Publisher? Media Network? We want to work with you.


From the world’s largest media brands to the most passionate indie creators - Littlstar is here to support you.

Need a custom consumer app, an immersive player SDK, or a decentralized hosting solution?

Maybe you’re looking for an original content fund or distribution partner? We want to help.