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Our Advantage

Littlstar is a team of industry leaders in media distribution, transcoding, blockchain programming, software development, legal protection, business strategy, and marketing. The experts at Littlstar have decades of experience developing and implementing media solutions in the worlds top media organizations globally, as well as a proven track record in building and implementing best in class, innovative blockchain technologies for the next generation content industry.


Blockchain Consulting 

We provide a turn-key approach for our clients. Whether seeking blockchain development, consulting, integration all the way to marketing services, token sales and token allocation. Our team will work with each client to help build smart strategies around effective use-cases and implementation.


ICO Advisory Services

Consulting clients on the inclusion of blockchain in the present structures and its implementation.


Cryptocurrencies Development, Wallet Development, and Audit

Consulting on development services for cryptocurrencies, wallets, smart contract audits and choosing the right technologies and platforms for the blockchain initial ideas.


AML / KYC / GDPR Compliance

Compliance, Regulatory Guidance, and GDPR for the development and go to market of blockchain platforms.


Distributed eCommerce Solutions

Consulting and providing solutions for the different distributed eCommerce platforms built on the blockchain incorporating decentralized payments and/or content delivery.



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