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Ara Media
Blockchain + Hosting 

Ara enables instant payouts and increased revenue shares for publishers, and up to 99% cost reduction on hosting and delivery using our hybrid peer to peer network.


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What is Ara?


Ara is a Blockchain powered distribution solution that empowers creators by removing third parties, reducing hosting costs, and rewarding consumers. Our goal is to help creators around the globe maximize the value of their work.


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Our Advantage


Building a content marketplace can be time consuming and require a significant amount of management. Not to mention the cost of delivering files and managing payouts. Ara streamline this process through our templated smart contracts for tracking, payouts, & ownership - automating much of the content management tasks when compared to a traditional marketplace.


Our distributed file system (AFS) can be used to reduce or nearly eliminate content delivery costs and provides a great way to reward your users.


Ara Identity


What can Ara Identity do for you?

An Ara id helps manage asset transfers for digital and physical goods. With an Ara id, reselling goods becomes easier and more beneficial for the creator of the goods who will continue earning reward with every resell of their goods. Ara id continues to benefit repackaging and campaigning of assets, microtransactions, digital scarcity, and consumption based subscription models.



  • A global secure w3 compliant decentralized identity on the Ara Network cryptographically secured through asymmetric verification.

  • Decentralized Identifiers (DID) backed by Decentralized Identity Document Objects (DDO).


Ara File System


Ara File System (AFS) enables distributed, secure, verifiable, and decentralized file systems for the Ara Network. Ara File Systems are backed and owned by Ara Identities. Ara File Systems enable fast, secure, and distributed storage and transmission of hypermedia over the Internet. AFS incorporates proof of ownership, effectively creating licenses “stamped” on the Blockchain.


Ara File Manager Application

The Ara File Manager lets you publish and manage content on the Blockchain. Have control over terms, price, and rewards across a global peer to peer network.

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