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Immersive Content Delivery Services




Littlstar, in partnership with Microsoft and WMR, has taken Microsoft's HCap (Holographic Capture) technology, and scaled it down to fit on your phone in Augmented Reality. With this revolutionary tool users are able to dance, fight, play along with, a holographic capture of their favorite celebrities and characters. Littlstar offers support for both static and volumetric Hcap content.

Augmented reality experiences can be supported on all iOS and android devices that have an AR compatible operating system. 


Application Development

Littlstar offers partners custom 360° video, white-label content distribution apps for PC, Mac, mobile, Virtual Reality, and more. Applications can support any type of content from video to games & VR, and have the potential to include built in e-commerce as an optional addition. Distribution Apps do not require Ara/Blockchain support, but we strongly encourage it as an option.

Clients who work with us can rely on our CDN to manage and distribute content to their applications. Littlstar is developing Analytic tools that can track downloads, sales numbers, peers, etc, which we can generate to create custom reports to partners. 


+ SDK Mobile iOS / Android

Partners looking for mobile applications are provided with our SDK license for both native iOS and android mobile devices, making it easier to create a consistent experience for users on different operating systems. 


  • Android and iOS native support

  • 360, 180, 3D

  • Variety of projection formats (ou, sbs, lr, rl)

  • Option to host content on Littlstar or other CDN

  • Analytics support. Application tracks usage and Littlstar can collect and prepare customized reports to client.


PC and Android operated HMD


  • 360, 180, 3D, Traditional Fixed Frame videos

  • Variety of projection formats (ou, sbs, lr, rl)

  • Desktop and Android HMD support.

Optional request:

  • Sideloading support (User’s can provide their own local video content)

  • Download support for offline viewing

  • RSS feeds

  • Option to host content on Littlstar or other CDN

  • Analytics support. Application tracks usage and Littlstar can collect and prepare customized reports to client.

  • Branded Theater Mode support for fixed frame videos


RSS Feeds on Littlstar’s PSVR


Content creators find the PSVR platform difficult and expensive to publish to. In addition, continued app and CDN maintenance can be costly.

Littlstar provides a method for creators to have a presence on the PSVR with relatively minimal effort. Creators simply provide us with an RSS feed that conforms to our specifications. User’s add their favorite RSS feeds to their my.littlstar account, and then can find their uploaded RSS feeds by logging into our PSVR app and going to their library page.

Littlstar offers creators an opportunity for complete homepage takeover for optimal advertising. For this to happen, all relevant assets are described in the same RSS feed, and can then be pulled into the PSVR app

For more information on how to make your RSS feeds Littlstar compatible, please visit RSS on Littlstar


Blockchain Consulting +
Ara Application Development



Ara Marketplace Development

Littlstar offers development services for building content marketplaces with Ara. Applications can be custom branded and support a variety of platforms


Building a content marketplace can be time consuming and require a significant amount of management. Not to mention the cost of delivering files and managing payouts.

Ara marketplaces streamline this process through our templated content smart contracts, automating much of the content management tasks when compared to a traditional marketplace.

Our distributed file system (AFS) can be used to reduce or nearly eliminate content delivery costs and provides a great way to reward your users.



  • Users can register in application and explore content

  • Content can be purchased or made free

  • Content is delivered or streamed for consumption

  • Analytics on user / content behavior

  • CDN costs reduced through CFS / AFS Network


Upcoming Features

  • VOD support

  • Support for Microtransactions

  • Support for Ads


Ara Identity

Ara Identity (Ara id) enables a global secure w3 compliant decentralized identity for the Ara Network. Ara Identities are cryptographically secured through asymmetric verification. Ara IDs are Decentralized Identifiers (DID) backed by Decentralized Identity Document Objects (DDO).


What can Ara Identity do for you? An Ara id helps manage asset transfers for digital and physical goods. With an Ara id, reselling goods becomes easier and more beneficial for the creator of the goods who will continue earning reward with every resell of their goods. Ara id continues to benefit repackaging and campaigning of assets, Microtransactions, Digital Scarcity, and Consumption based subscription models.




Littlstar provides a custom solution to file delivery and computation needs using CFS/AFS solutions. Our file systems can be tightly integrated with existing solutions or frameworks and gives opportunity to automate existing tasks.


Media Transcoding Services



Media Transcoder

Transcoding software made by Littlstar for distributed transcoding that rapidly increases transcode speed while reducing costs on large networks


Today’s transcoding tasks are prohibitively expensive for most independent production studios and far too confusing for most non-technical users. The current transcoding market is comprised of several different kinds of providers:

  • expensive SaaS platforms

  • a dedicated cabal of expensive and cyclical transcoding hardware boxes

  • a few major tech firms that run encoding farms as a cost center.

Suprnova is a distributed video transcoding network which leverages the power of everyday consumer computing hardware to drastically improve processing speeds and ease the adoption of new codec technologies.



  • Easy to use UWP Application where users can start an encode or participate in an existing transcode

  • Enables much quicker encodes for difficult media (4K/HDR, VR, etc) vs. encoding on a single server

  • Decodes AVC frames contained in an MP4/MOV container.

  • Encodes h.264


Upcoming Features

  • Support for additional media codecs such as AV1

  • Rewards for participating in a transcode

  • DIstributed live streaming support

  • Ambisonic Audio support


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