Our custom player lets you fully explore 360-degree videos from your web browser or mobile device. Using our player, you can embed any immersive videos from our library into your website, which makes it easy to share -- and experience -- VR content from wherever you are.

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Desktop, Mobile & Embeds

The web is one of the best channels to educate audiences about the magic of VR and 360. Littlstar.com allows content creators to upload their videos and access proprietary analytics; it also allows users to watch and embed videos into their own sites or blogs.


Mobile Apps

iOS, Android, and Alcatel

We believe mobile is the most ubiquitous way to experience 360 video. Our native applications allow users to watch content using the gyroscope touchpad or cardboard device. 

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Apple TV & Android TV

Our Littlstar app is the only VR network available on Apple and Android TVs. The new Siri Remote Apple TV is our favorite way to experience 360 video on a television.


Experience Virtual Reality

Head-Mounted Displays

Littlstar is available on Playstation VR, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR

Littlstar's VR apps are the best way to explore the world of immersive video and photos.