In between shooting Governor's Ball on Randalls Island last week and prepping for Sony's E3 next week, this is what we thought you might want to check out: 

1. Bob's Burgers

Bob Burger's is coming at you from all angles. Fox's hit show has hit the VR scene with it's first 360 animated clip. Break it down with the Belcher's on Littlstar... 

2. Open Blue 360

In a world where food is becoming scarcer, a dramatic, 360 degree virtual reality tour of the planet’s largest open ocean farm. In a brief but mesmerizing tour, you’ll fly high in the air and venture deep into the clear blue waters off Panama to swim with 30,000 Cobia, and Lucy the whale shark. Teaser below, but to see the full story from egg to plate download Open Blue’s 360 App at

3. PopTV & Rock This Boat Present: New Kids on the Block in 360

New Kids On The Block perform "Block Party" live. Get on the boat with New Kids On The Block. Follow along with some of the band’s most passionate fans when the sold-out ship sets sail and their unforgettable journey begins. Pop brings you on board for the music, the memories–and in Season 2, for even MORE BAND. 

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