We had a big week over here at the Littlstar HQ in New York. A lot of new content and exciting deals. In case you had a week as busy as ours, here's everything you should see from the past few days on Littlstar.... 

1. Funny or Die: Interrogation

Funny or Die does it again.
Don't know what it feels like to get in the hot seat of an interrogation room being grilled by the worst detectives in the business? Now you will.

2. Better than DVR

Missed your weekly indulgence of Dancing with the Stars on Monday?
Then you must watch this video of the team breaking it down ALL the way around you. Here's your chance. Take centerstage.

3. Watch History Come Alive

Immerse yourself into the lives and memories of three tankers on a historical journey across the USSR, USA, and UK in WWII.


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