Summer is FINALLY here... 

We've got the windows open the summer's top hits playing.  
Here's what we are leaning back and watching (while we aren't building you new features and products, of course):

1. Reggie's Garage

Ride along with Reggie Jackson – Baseball Hall of Fame member, car collector, and founder of Reggie’s Garage – to get a rare glimpse of his classic car collection and learn more about his vision for Reggie’s Garage.

2. A&E's The British Billionaire

"All my single ladies...put your hands up..."
Imagine you’re a junior real estate broker, working on the biggest sale of your career. The Beverly Hills mansion seems like the perfect listing for the buyer, a mysterious British billionaire. Check out all three episodes from A&E's "The British Billionaire."

3. Interview with Stephen Amell

The teenage mutant ninja turtles are out of the shadows. Get an inside look from Stephen Amell (who plays Casey Jones in the new movie) about why this movie will be a worldwide phenomenon.

4. New performances from Nashville

More of your favorite performances are back! Check out all new content from ABC's Nashville with performances by Erin McCarley and K.S. Rhoads and more.

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