Quite a few big announcements this week.

First, we got a new office space! More to come on that soon, but if you are in or traveling to New York, stay tuned for the amazing events and programming from Littlstar's new HQ. We would love to have you come by and meet us! 

Secondly, we have officially launched our Creator's Dashboard. We are so excited as this is one of the biggest feature announcements of our platform to date. This dashboard allows content creators to see analytics on their videos and demographic, as well as beautiful, fluid heatmaps of where users looked within their content across all devices. You will now see a Creators link in the top nav of Littlstar.com and can read more about the technology in a blog post by our Chief Data Scientist, Wells Johnston, here or read Marketing Land's write-up about it here.

Finally, here's what you should check this week on Littlstar:

1. Rascali's "The Storybox Project"

With incredible animation rivaling any of the big studios, Rascali has created their "Storybox Project"; an exciting new VR theatre experience where they will bring to life our favorite fairytales and children's stories. Stay tuned for more great work from them.

2. Rascali's "The Raven"

In this virtual world, Earth has become toxic. Rascali's takes you on a mission to deploy Project Raven. A last resort effort to find an alternative life source to save those on planet Earth.
The teaser piece makes you think about what our future could really look like.

3. Iraqi city left in ruins

Ramadi, a once active city along the Euphrates River, is brought to devastation after 500 ISIS took over the city as one of it's headquarters over a year ago...

4. Nashville VR Experience

More of your favorite show is back. Layla Grant from hit show, Nashville, has a solo performance of "Soul Survivor" for an intimate group. 


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