Alongside celebrating global holidays like Earth Day and the beginning of Passover, we have also been mesmerized by some of the amazing content our creator's have launched this week. 

Check out what you may have missed this week on Littlstar: 


Massive congrats to our friends over at RYOT news for announcing their new FBO (Facebook Official) relationship with the Huffington post! We have worked with them for quite some time, and are so excited to see what they do next and how they will continue to innovate in the world of 360 journalism. 

Check out the WSJ article on the acquisition here



On the topic of journalism, we were floored by this touching documentary from TheirWorld , Rain, and Uprising Creative. The VR documentary, entitled Safe Schools: Nepal, shows the widespread damage and destruction of schools after the 2015 earthquake that shook Nepal. 

"Those who seek knowledge and the chance of a prosperous future, often make their own journey in search of even a few hours of learning everyday..."

The powerful piece takes you along the dangerous journey that many Nepal children make everyday in order to be able to attend a make-shift school, risking their lives for the prospect of education - a human right in most other places. 


3. Jude Law, though? 

A theatrical VR experience with Jude Law? Need we say more? Lexus and VR City brings on a futuristic tour and stunt with 100 unsuspecting guests in Life RX with Jude Law. 

Go behind the scenes to experience the making of this theatrical, immersive stunt. 


4. Delta IV NROL-45 Rocket Launch

Fascinated with space? So are we...and Richard Branson...and Elon Musk. 
ULA lets us get up close and personal with their rocket launch this week. 
This the closer than any human being has ever been to a rocket launch, and the result is stunning. This must-see experience gives you a bit a background on the station and rocket launches and a never before seen view of the launch. 


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