CTO And Data Scientist From Spotify, Volvo Ocean Race, Red Bull, And More...

Epicly Talented Entrepreneurs And Engineers Joining Littlstar

We are proud to announce that we brought on two new killers joining us from Spotify. Joseph Werle will be taking over the reigns as CTO. He was previously at App Nexus before Spotify, and has tremendous experience building very large scale consumer streaming applications, monetization technology, and high performance video playback. He's been involved with Littlstar since the very beginning and we're thrilled to have him. Wells Johnston is joining us as Chief Data Scientist. He's a math genius and incredible full stack engineer, and brings a ton of big data and analytics experience to Littlstar. 

VR requires an entirely different stack for analytics, story telling, tools, and tracking, and both of these gentlemen bring a wealth of knowledge for capturing and moving around the huge amounts of data we're dealing with. Are you a talented VR, Unity, or native mobile developer? We want to chat!  Hit us up here to join an awesome team of successful repeat entrepreneurs, VR, streaming, and data nerds.

Volvo Ocean Race

We also added a ton of great new immersive content. First up is the Volvo Ocean Race, available exclusively in the Littlstar Gear VR app.

About the Volvo Ocean Race: Seven teams, 19 nationalities and an all-female crew racing against Volvo Ocean Race veterans and first-time rookies. Sailors coming from China, UK, France, the USA, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, Argentina, Brazil and Antigua. It's the most diverse fleet in years. Follow us as they embark on this great challenge! - See more here.

About Team SCA: Team SCA is the first all female team to compete in The Volvo Ocean Race in 12 years, and are the only all female team in the 2014-15 competition. This race requires physical and mental strength, there were over 250 applications to join Team SCA and only 15 were chosen to compete, and they compete on an equal level to their male competitors, they race the same boats, over the same oceans 24/7 for weeks at a time. The crew are aged between 28 - 42, and come from six nations; USA, UK, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden and the Netherlands. - See more here.

Red Bull Music Academy

Next up is Red Bull Music Academy's 100 Disciplines by Kid Millions.

About Red Bull Music Academy: The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-traveling series of music workshops and festivals: a platform for those who make a difference in today’s musical landscape. - See more here.

About Kid Millions: John Colpitts founded and plays the drums in Oneida, People of the North, and Man Forever. He writes things occasionally for Talkhouse, and he's played drums with Yo La Tengo, Boredoms, Spiritualized, Laurie Anderson, Damo Suzuki, So Percussion, Lia Ices, Glenn Kotche, Akron Family and William Basinski (among others). - See more here.