So you got the new Playstation VR and now need to know what to watch? We got you covered. From animation to music and sports, there's no shortage of amazing immersive experiences.

Below are our picks for what to watch. (You can download the Littlstar PSVR app here if you haven't already.)

1. Prepare For Invasion (from Baobab)

A duo of aliens have grand ambitions to take over our world. Find out what happens when they're greeted by an adorable bunny.

2. A Unique Sensory Experience (from SAMO)

Eden will mesmerize you through geometric clouds and abstracted landscapes in their new music video. Let the soundtrack and visual effects transport you to another dimension.  

3. 360 Degrees Of Horror (from Light Sail VR)

Is contacting the dead ever a good idea? You'll find out in an abandoned garage with the paranormal activity that transpires.  

4. The Lion Whisperer (from Discovery)

Get up close and personal with these magnificent animals. Protecting lions from the game hunting trade is more important than ever. 

5. Fight Night (from Showtime)

In a stunning performance, Daniel "The Miracle Man" Jacobs comes out firing with an amazing victory over Peter Quillin in the first round of the WBA Middleweight World Championship.

6. The Circle Of Life (from Disney on Broadway)

Experience The Lion King on Broadway from the actors' point of view on stage. Getting up close with Mufasa, Rafiki and baby Simba is nothing short of spectacular.

7. War Knows No Nation (from World of Tanks)

Take a historical journey across the USSR, USA and the UK during World War II. Inspired by stories of war veterans, history comes alive as you immerse yourself in the memories of three tankers.